sailing the pothole.

in an attempt to get lost exploring the slippery realm of “just about nothing” i engage. observations, considerations and ponderances will be winds helping navigate nowhere in particular. documenting the void with writing and drawing is an offering to curiosity. this is a cheese product.


The slow deafening concussion of the plastic spoon against the ceramic mug was now more than I could bear. She did not stir her coffee ever. She just dragged the spoon from side to side dully clicking the insides of the mug. Complain and drag, complain and drag was her whole persistent part. She was an opera making its point in an endless parade of redundancies. I got up from the table and went into the garage. There i found the BB gun. Rusty and wearing abandoned webs like a shroud adorned with fragments of garage debris. The shroud hung down from the sights and trigger guard, flowing in an elastic ghostly swirl, gathering as I picked it up. It rattled a few remaining BBs as I pumped, and read Daisy. It reluctantly gained pressure enough to fire i thought. Aiming carefully I pulled the trigger and pelted the top of my left naked foot. Embedded just under the skin the BB quickly turned a dull blue as my shoulders quivered and i watched in unscreaming silence.


the museum

I visited The Art Institute of Chicago yesterday. I am reeling from it. I has been a while since I have seen such art. My reaction surprised me. I had an empathetic feeling with the art that was different than before. I was nearly moved to tears in front of VanGogh. I felt lonely, happy, primitive, secretive, transient, etc. as I walked the galleries, which seemed to go on forever. The museum refused to give me much of a break. I left after some hours, drained and inspired, to walk back to the hotel. I laid down in my room and have not been the same since.

ever find yourself where you weren’t looking?

Welcome to Cosmic Pothole. Here I will likely get lost exploring the slippery realm of “just about nothing”. Observations, considerations and good ole pondering will be the needles on my compass helping me navigate toward nowhere in particular. I may include some writing and artworks. For now I’m exploring this activity just for me, but you are welcomed to follow along and watch me whomp the potholes along the way.